【演讲稿】How to Say It: What Do I Learn from 10-Day Meditation Course?


Hi everyone. Have you ever encountered this kind of situation? You sit down and try to do today’s most important work. However, after a few minutes, you begin changing your sitting positions, or organizing documents in your computer, in summary —— doing irrelevant things to feel relaxed.

Sometimes, two conflicting voices appears in your mind ——The Angel Voice tell you: My dear friend, please be focused. you could miss your deadline! On the contrary, the devil voice tell you: Come on! it’s no big deal. if you are uncomfortable, you cannot work efficiently.

If you were in this situation, which one would you listen? After all, each voice has its points and both of them are telling some truth. I have read many books and tried many methods but none of them really change this situation… 继续阅读“【演讲稿】How to Say It: What Do I Learn from 10-Day Meditation Course?”



在问题描述中,提问者谈到:“领导是个情商低、说话很讨厌的人,每天上班听他说话都很想生气但是不能直接怼他,心里总是憋着一团火”。TA 还很认真地咨询:“如何管理好自己的情绪?有哪些有用的书可以推荐吗?”,因为博主在上个月刚刚好学习了一种内观禅修的方法,有助于缓解这种情绪,所以就发布了这篇文章。 继续阅读“想平复乱糟糟的心绪?这个方法值得一试!”


在之前的文章中,博主向你介绍了 “基于引思网(hintsnet)的迭代式问答卡片库究竟是怎样工作的?“。然而,那只是一种新型软件工具的概念和体验构想,仅仅知道这些,并不能为日常工作带来实际的方便。

为了解决这个矛盾,博主在网上搜寻了许久,终于找到了一款名叫 YouMinds Composer 的软件,适度利用这款软件,就能把”看上去很美”的概念和构想落实为具体的 “信息卡片整理” 操作步骤,并且通过这些操作步骤 “生产” 出有实际意义的结果——一种非线性的电子书。

口说无凭,下面请你来浏览一个在线演示 workflowy-book.html

现在请设想一下:如果你也能生产出一部 “非线性电子书”,你会想要用它来撰写什么样的内容呢?

第一次参加头马俱乐部演讲比赛(TOASTMASTERS’ Club Speech Contest)是怎样一种体验?


如果不是因为做了 TMair 头马俱乐部的官员,面对各种当众登台的竞赛活动,相信博主一定会躲得远远的,充其量在家看看别人的比赛直播……

其实,经常在即兴演讲环节(Table Topic)收获惊喜的博主,也期待能借着即兴演讲主持人(TTM)的提问大开脑洞,与参会的人们交流各种奇思妙想。但一想到要参加比赛,就觉得压力山大……


尽管如此,在主席和 VPE 大人的动员下,博主还是报名参加了即兴演讲比赛。

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【演讲稿】Organize Your Speech: Get Into Flow Experience


Just now, Sumeng had talked about how to get out of comfort zone, but what if you can not get back? (Slow down and watch the audience with evil smiles) What if you feel anxious or nervous, even lost your self-confidence? ——(Wait for 2 seconds)—— Don’t worry, Darwin will show you how to reassure yourself and get into flow experience.

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【演讲稿】The Ice Breaker: What is Motivating Our Work?


In my last prepared speech, I had introduced myself and told you why I became interested in thinking about happiness. Today I would like to talk about something more specific: the motivation behind our work.

Could you remember this kind of situation? You planned to finish an important work, either your graduate design, your research paper, a product marketing slides, or something like that… However, for some reason, you cannot pursuade yourself to do it right now. You delay it again and again, until the deadline is right ahead of you, you feel more and more anxious and pressured, but the work is still there…

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【演讲稿】The Ice Breaker: A Happy Thinker, Thinking About Happiness


When you were in childhood, did you remember being asked: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

In a past Table Topic Session I was requested to answer a similar question: “If you could make your life a story, what would you name it?” I didn’t hesitate for long and replied, “A Thinker’s Life”, because I am always curious about how our mind & emotions & consciousness could happen in this world, and how do they relate to our happiness & well-being.

Today I will talk about this a little further.

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这篇博文来自博主的 一则知乎回答。起源是博主刷知乎时,无意间看到一些知乎网友对人生中时而面临的挫折感到迷茫,甚至看到有人发出 “人生本无意义” 的感叹。过了没多久,又看到有人提出了 “人这一生为何要努力” 这样略带哲学思考意味的提问,于是博主决定站在一位 “非成功人士” 的立场上,从心理学角度出发来回答这个问题,一是自己有感而发,二是作为那些 “站在过来人的角度去开导” 之回答的补充。