TMair Club 78th Meeting: “Change”



We live in a world that is changing at ever-increasing speed. Change is the new normal. News are popping out of our WeChat, Toutiao, Weibo and other Apps. Change often leads to negative feelings and anxiety in our lives, but does it have to be a bad thing? Is there any chance that we can understand, embrace and even take advantage of change?

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周六的下午,在好友 Jason 的推荐下,博主终于来到了传说中的 头马俱乐部(TOASTMASTERS) 的活动现场,参加头马组织的英语演讲活动。

之所以这么说,是因为以前在一家外企工作时,听一位做商务英语培训的外教 David 提起过。David 来自英国,在中国创办了自己的培训公司。授课期间,他向我们分享了很多有趣的知识。有一次他神神秘秘地说:“有机会,我带你去参加一个叫做 TOASTMASTERS 的组织,在那里你会有不一样的体验!”,博主当时就产生了一探究竟的兴趣,只可惜阴差阳错一直未能成行…… 继续阅读“第一次参与头马俱乐部(TOASTMASTERS)的活动是怎样一种体验?”