TMair Club 79th Meeting: “Spring Festival Travel Rush”


Table Topics® Questions

  • What will you do if your seat was taken by others who seems like need a seat such as old people or pregnant women?
  • Do you think it is necessary to go hometown for Spring Festival? Why don’t you choose other holiday?
  • Online ticket-buying system like 12306 or ticket snatching software like Xiecheng are popular to help people to speed up booking process. But is it unfair for people who can not use internet?
  • Think about if you like someone at first sight, how will you  accost(搭讪) he/she?
  • Please share how do you enjoy your time on the train to make it more pleasant?
  • Think about if you were a foreigner, will you choose Train Travel in China during Spring Festival holiday, Why?

TMair Club 78th Meeting: “Change”



We live in a world that is changing at ever-increasing speed. Change is the new normal. News are popping out of our WeChat, Toutiao, Weibo and other Apps. Change often leads to negative feelings and anxiety in our lives, but does it have to be a bad thing? Is there any chance that we can understand, embrace and even take advantage of change?

Warm Up Questions

  • How much have you changed in the past 10 years?
  • Is growing old a good change or a bad change, can you share your opinions?

Level Up Questions

  • If for some reasons you had to leave your company and re-apply for a new job, how would you cope with it?
  • If you had to live in another city for some years because of work, what would you think and how would you make your plan?
  • When facing sudden changes in your life, how do you free yourself from anxiety?

Expert Questions

  • In a world of unprecedented changes, how can we not just survive but thrive?
  • If life’s changes were too hard for you, whom/where would you seek for support from?
  • How much is your impression of Toastmasters Club changed since you first joined it?

Optional Questions

  • What kind of changes do you wish to happen around/on you, why?
  • Have you ever taken advantage of a change to benefit your life?

【英译中】如果我们能修正教育领域中的问题 ……

Y Combinator Logo

Y Combinator 是硅谷著名的创业孵化器,在它的官方网站上有一个有趣的页面:呼唤这些领域的创业公司(Request For Startup),其中最吸引博主的是一段关于教育领域创业公司的描述:“如果我们能修正教育领域中的问题,那么我们终将解决这个列表中的所有其它问题。”

继续阅读“【英译中】如果我们能修正教育领域中的问题 ……”


原文作者:Gene Marks, Marks 集团总裁
发表时间:2014 年 8 月 19 日


而今天我赚钱了。为什么?因为我正在监督 10 个人,让他们为我提供计算机服务。我从他们身上赚钱。


【演讲稿】How to Say It: What Do I Learn from 10-Day Meditation Course?


Hi everyone. Have you ever encountered this kind of situation? You sit down and try to do today’s most important work. However, after a few minutes, you begin changing your sitting positions, or organizing documents in your computer, in summary —— doing irrelevant things to feel relaxed.

Sometimes, two conflicting voices appears in your mind ——The Angel Voice tell you: My dear friend, please be focused. you could miss your deadline! On the contrary, the devil voice tell you: Come on! it’s no big deal. if you are uncomfortable, you cannot work efficiently.

If you were in this situation, which one would you listen? After all, each voice has its points and both of them are telling some truth. I have read many books and tried many methods but none of them really change this situation… 继续阅读“【演讲稿】How to Say It: What Do I Learn from 10-Day Meditation Course?”



在问题描述中,提问者谈到:“领导是个情商低、说话很讨厌的人,每天上班听他说话都很想生气但是不能直接怼他,心里总是憋着一团火”。TA 还很认真地咨询:“如何管理好自己的情绪?有哪些有用的书可以推荐吗?”,因为博主在上个月刚刚好学习了一种内观禅修的方法,有助于缓解这种情绪,所以就发布了这篇文章。 继续阅读“想平复乱糟糟的心绪?这个方法值得一试!”