TMair Club 82nd Meeting: “Manage a Blind Date”


Table Topics® Questions

  • 如果让你来安排相亲地点,你会选择什么样的地方?为什么?
    If you were asked to arrange a blind date, what place would you choose to feel good?
  • 如果在相亲的时候对方请客,你是否会尽量满足自己的食欲?
    If the dinner is on the other side(对方买单), will you try to satisfy your appetite?
  • 你是否反感父母安排的相亲?你如何回应他们?
    Are you tired of the blind dates arranged by parents? How would you reply them?
  • 你是否曾给朋友安排过相亲对象?你会去主动撮合他们吗?
    Have you ever set up a blind date for you friend? Will you set them up(撮合) on your own initiative?
  • 你有没有听过一些关于相亲的好玩的故事?
    Have you heard any interesting stories about blind dates?
  • 你觉得在相亲的场合谈论哪些话题比较安全?
    What topics do you think is safe to talk about in a blind date?
  • 你相信一见钟情吗?
    Do you believe in love at first sight?
  • 你希望相亲对象具备哪些特点或特质?
    What kind of traits or qualities do you wish to see in the person you will date with?
  • 相亲之前,你会刻意打扮自己吗?
    Would you dress up for a blind date, or just be as usual?
  • 如果把相亲的时间提前到读大学之前,你是否觉得这是个好消息?
    If you can advance your dating before entering college. Do you think it’s good news?

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